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Road Greetings from Turkey Swamp Park!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

This weekend we visited a NJ Monmouth County Park Campground that is fairly local to us in Freehold, NJ named Turkey Swamp, which contrary to its namesake, we found it to be devoid turkeys and we really didn’t find the areas we were in to be ‘swampy’ by any means.

The dense oak and pine forest of the campground was an escape from the August heat. The only nuisance was the mosquitos that didn’t want to leave us alone. Fortunately, we took out our Thermocell which is a relatively new invention against the blood sucking critters and within 15 minutes they were gone!

The campground’s sites have all you need - electric, water hookups, fire pits and picnic tables. You can buy wood at the campground’s main office, but be aware that it might be wet. Our attempt at a campfire on our first night didn’t prove to be successful. The photos from our gleeful campfire attempts at other campgrounds are to follow!

One of the attractions of the Turkey Swamp Park is the lake. If you are into fishing, that’s the place to head out to. You can also rent kayaks, rowboats, canoes and paddleboats. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the lake, all life vests were gone so we couldn’t enjoy any water activities. Oh well, there is always the next time! We just walked around the lake admiring beautiful lily pads. Our recommendation would be to get to the lake for boat rental as early as possible or to bring your own life vests.

Wait, the campground’s activities don’t end here. There’s also an archery range at the park and quite a few short (approximately one mile each) hiking trails (about 9 miles in total). There’s plenty to discover and enjoy at Turkey Swamp Park Campground for a weekend getaway. We’ll be back!

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